Sunflower Sprouts

Sunflower Sprouts


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Liven up your microgreen mixes with Raw Vegan Farms sunflower sprouts. Their rich, nutty flavor complements any salad while their delightfully crunchy texture makes them a great standalone snack. They’re not only tasty, though — they pack a nutritional punch unrivaled by other microgreens.

Why Sprouts?

When sunflower plants are harvested as one- to three-inch sprouts, they contain a concentrated amount of valuable nutrients. Their fully-grown siblings make for pleasant decorations but can be up to five times less nutritious. To promote digestion, sprouts commonly contain high amounts of insoluble fiber.

Green Sprouts for Glowing Skin

Sunflower sprouts contain vitamin A and omega-fatty acids. While both of these nutrients help regulate oil production in the skin and scalp, healthy levels of vitamin A may prevent hair loss. Because omega-fatty acids balance skin hydration, consuming sunflower sprouts may:

  • Lead to radiant, glowing skin
  • Prevent breakouts
  • Soothe symptoms of dermatitis and other skin conditions

Vitamin C for a Robust Immune System

The vitamin C content of sunflower sprouts supports immune systems. As a water-soluble nutrient that disperses itself throughout the body, vitamin C helps cells fight free radicals and perform important functions. Because the body doesn’t produce vitamin C, eating tasty sunflower sprouts does your body and soul a huge favor!

A Wholesome Source of Amino Acids

Many microgreens are packed with amino acids, but sunflower sprouts are the richest in that aspect. As the building blocks of proteins, amino acids play important roles in just about every bodily process:

  • Regulating sleep
  • Digestion
  • Cell repair
  • Muscle building
  • Nutrient transport
  • Brain function

While the body produces 11 amino acids, nine essential amino acids can only be found in wholesome foods such as sunflower sprouts.

Packaging and Additional Info

A Raw Vegan Farms sunflower sprouts delivery comes in either half or full pound compostable containers. Buy sunflower sprouts online today to please your palette and take your microgreen game to the next level!

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